Friday, May 06, 2005

Tactics to get their attention

They (national or state Republicans) are calling frequently asking for contributions for a variety of causes. I have begun telling them that unless I see appreciable movement by President Bush towards my concerns, I will not write out any more checks to them. In my case, the concern is Illegal Immigration.

Make them fear that the well will dry up and they may listen.


I'm your latest Newbie

Right now I am most interested in illegal immigration here in Southern California but I care about all (or at least many) of the conservative/Republican issues. I would like to be a part of making individual passive, impotent voices become part of a large, pulsating, moving and loud voice throughout our country -- a voice that forces change and challenges the wolves and foxes and downright lying dogs that have invaded our political landscape partly with the help of good people who sit silent and mumble their irritations to no one in particular and believe that holding their tongue is the proper way that dignified gentry behaves.